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On my new website I introduce myself and my hobbies.


Before I came here in San Jose in 1999 as immigrant, I was a member of the
Philippine National Police, assigned at Toril Police Station under Davao 
City Police Office as one of the investigators.

In my more than twenty-six years stint in the service, I investigated a lot of 
homicide cases that took time to solve and some were even unsolved when I 
left.  But there was one homicide case that I think could be considered the 
swiftest justice in the world.  Why?

The suspect of the killing was apprehended just for a few minutes after the
killing and by unarmed 18 year old girl.

Assailant and the victim were friends and co-worker in a certain 
establishment.  One evening after a day’s toil, they winded up over a bottle 
of wine near the house of the victim.

At first the two were engaged in a friendly conversation, but after both were 
being intoxicated, their friendly conversation turns to a heated argument 
resulting to the stabbing of the victim.

The assailant fled but only he found himself roaming around in Davao 
Housing, a subdivision just about 15 minutes walking distance from the 
crime scene.  The 18 year old girl, a resident of the subdivision, who noticed 
his roaming approached him thinking he might need some help.

Curious neighbors upon seeing the girl talking to stranger gather around 
them.  Moments later a man on a motorcycle arrived with a news to the 
group that someone was just killed near the public market.

At this juncture, without much ado the stranger gave the identity of the 
victim mentioning the name of his friend, making him a suspect.

By unknown power that controlled his mind, he did not offer any resistance 
whatsoever when held by the girl and just waited patiently for the arrival of 
the police to place him in custody.

SPO 4 Leonilo Jickain who responded to the report of that  stabbing 
incident brought the victim to a hospital nearby where the same was 
pronounced by the doctor, dead on arrival.  He revealed to me that when he 
arrived at the crime scene, he saw the wife whispering something to the ear 
of her dying husband.

The body was killed but the soul already heard the whisper.

Surely God would not have created such a being as man to exist only for a 
day !  No, no, man was made for immortality.  Abraham Lincoln.


When I arrived here in San Jose, I worked as a security guard.  Sometime in 
October 2003 my boss assigned me to Our Lady of Peace, a catholic church 
in the city of Santa Clara.  Being a  Protestant, I called Ukasang, my 
landlady in Toril, Davao City,  who is a devout catholic, to brief me on how 
to conduct myself inside a catholic church, before reporting for duty.

I followed all her instructions that the parishioners had no inkling that I was 
not a catholic.

This church practiced Perpetual Adoration, a round-the-clock prayer before 
the Blessed Sacrament.  Since this is the only church in the bay area that 
practiced it, adorers came from other parishes too.

The Blessed Sacrament or Body and Blood of Christ exposed for that 
purpose of adoration should never be left alone.  So, I always checked that 
the church was not empty.

My shift was graveyard so sometimes I was alone inside the church in wee 
hours when the adorer for that time did not showed up or late.   But I 
wondered why sometimes I heard the cracking sound of the kneeler being 
pulled down as if someone was going to kneel, even if nobody was around.

Sometime in 2009 at about 2 o’clock in the morning, I was sitting on the
last pew in the rear of the left row.  As I turned my head to the right I saw a 
man walking on the right aisle towards the candle holder.  But to my 
astonishment his body suddenly disappeared as he passed by the window 
and the only thing visible was a shocking shadow of the outline of the head 
moving. (The spotlight of the convent was focused to this area of the church 
building that anybody walking on the foot path at the side of the building 
outside would cast a shadow on the window seen inside.)

On December 24 of the same year, a Christmas Eve, I was inside the
church checking if everything was okay before the midnight mass started.  I was 
walking down the left aisle with my sight toward the opposite aisle.  As I 
almost reach the front, I was saddened to see four blue patches to the 
natural color of the wooden wall at eye level, the size of a child’s palm, 
thinking that my supervisor will surely reprimand me when he found out the 

To allay my fear, I looked up the ceiling wishing it was just a reflection of a
new Christmas lights as it was Christmas Eve, but there was none.  And 
when I looked back at the blue patches, I noticed that it was dwindling as if 
it were absorbed slowly in the wood and finally vanished before my eyes.

I was then relieved of my fear of reprimand and wondered for the
mysterious appearance and disappearance of the blue patches.

After the mass I touched the wall to confirm the spot of the appearance and
instinctually look for traces.   And when I arrived home in the morning I 
directly sat before my computer and went to website to 
verify the color that I only knew as blue.  Only then did I knew that the 
name of the color was cyan with color HEX#00FFFF.

The only difference was that the cyan on my computer was dull and dead,
while the cyan on the wall was bright and live, in fact it was moving.

On April 2 the following year at about 2 o’clock in the morning, I was
sitting on the pew in the middle of the right row when a brown silhouette of 
a woman appeared and disappeared on the same wall.  The  date was already 
April 3 in the Philippines, the date of birth of my departed mother.

Memories of her kept rushing in my mind until I imagined she was lecturing
me.  “When I was yet on earth, I was sick and in the verge of death, you 
promised God to be His minister if I will be healed.  I was healed but you 
reneged on your promise.  You did not become His minister, you became a 
cop.   But last Christmas Eve, before you went out to the parking lot to 
watch the cars as the midnight mass started, God gave you a chance to 
redeem your promise.  He made this wall a monitor to display the DIVINE 
COLOR, you alone saw, to give  you an idea of how would you served Him 
best.  Spread the Good News to the whole world now, you knew it since you 
were a child in Sunday school.”

Yes, mother, the good news is: FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD

So, if ever I win a mega millions lotto, but without redeeming my promise
to God, no matter how huge the prize is, is insignificant.  


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